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over 35 years of banking experience

With the OBS Banking Engine, DIE SOFTWARE Peter Fitzon GmbH is one of the leading providers of core banking systems in German-speaking Europe. Founded in 1983, the independent software company has around 135 members of staff at its locations in Ebersberg near Munich and in Zurich.
Private and commercial banks, brokers, asset managers and specialist banks use the OBS Banking Engine, which is characterized by the highest possible degree of automation and individually configurable functionalities. It maps the complete business spectrum of a bank: securities and portfolio management, account management and payments, treasury and credit transactions. In addition, it calculates taxes for Germany and other European countries in real time.
As an open system, the OBS Banking Engine links all business-relevant processes both within the bank and with customers, market participants, partners and regulators. It thus forms the central platform for digitizing all business processes.


The company management team is comprised of the owners and the heads of the different business units and subsidiaries:

Peter Fitzon

Peter Fitzon, who learnt banking and programming at Bayerische Vereinsbank, Munich then worked as a consultant at a software house in Munich and managed projects for international banks in Europe, North America and Asia. In 1983 he founded DIE SOFTWARE. Today, Peter Fitzon is the principal owner of the group of four companies, and is responsible for strategy, finances and human resources.

Klaus J. Friese

Dr. Klaus J. Friese, PhD in Cultural and Social Anthropology, joined DIE SOFTWARE in 1986. From the very beginning he contributed significantly to the development and design of OBS and also managed numerous projects in Germany, Switzerland, England and Asia. Today he is co-owner of the company and responsible for processes and strategy.

Dieter Heidrich

Dieter Heidrich, qualified banker, worked after his apprenticeship as software developer at Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt. He started in 1988 at DIE SOFTWARE and was responsible for the development of significant parts of OBS, especially in the area of securities, and managed numerous projects in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Today, he is responsible for the product management and managing director of the subsidiary DIE SOFTWARE FS Financial Services GmbH.

Sven Oldenburg

Sven Oldenburg, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH), started his career as a developer at DIE SOFTWARE in 1991 and was significantly involved in the development of OBS. He managed numerous OBS implementation projects in Germany and abroad. Today he is responsible for the area “Software Development and IT”.

Martin Köhler

Martin Köhler, graduated economist, joined DIE SOFTWARE in 2013 after a 25 year career in the field of IT and Operations at major German and private banks. He holds power of attorney and leads the Consulting and Projects division.

Jörg Martin

Jörg Martin, who holds a degree in computer science. After completing a banking apprenticeshiphe has held managerial positions in various major and private banks, both in IT and in strategic units. He joined DIE SOFTWARE in 2015. Since 2017 he is a member of the management of DIE SOFTWARE and as managing director of the subsidiary DIE SOFTWARE BAaS Banking Applications und Services GmbH he is responsible for the OBS cloud solutions.

Patrick R. Weber

Patrick R. Weber, BSc. in Computer Science and Global Dual Degree Executive MBA, has more than 25 years of successful experience in the financial sector, including CIO at a financial services company in Germany and Luxembourg. During this time, he led projects in Europe and Asia as well as in North and Central America. In 2002 he joined DIE SOFTWARE Peter Fitzon AG, Zurich. Since 2012 he is CEO of DIE SOFTWARE AG in Switzerland and is sales responsible for the entire group.


With 135 specialists, DIE SOFTWARE has an experienced and well-rehearsed team with a profound understanding of technology and outstanding banking know-how. Combined with a clear customer orientation, this is the reason for the success of the software house. Our customers benefit from permanent contacts who have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and many years of experience in the implementation of banking software.




A strong network of technology, business intelligence and financial data providers is available as a partner for our solutions.

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sustainability and social commitment

For DIE SOFTWARE, sustainability and social commitment are part of the company tradition. With our social and societal commitment we want to show responsibility and give something back to society.

Sustainability: For us, sustainability means the responsible and careful use of resources. Our goal is to become a completely climate-neutral company as soon as possible. We initiated this process in 2011 and have begun to reduce our company’s carbon dioxide emissions. We do this in three successive steps: 1. we try to avoid emissions, 2. we replace climate-damaging energy sources with climate-neutral ones and finally 3. we compensate for unavoidable emissions.
  1. avoiding emissions: Since 2011, we have been reducing our electricity consumption per employee – from just under 3,000 kilowatt hours per employee in 2011 to 2,300 kilowatt hours in 2019, or around 24 percent over the eight-year period. The biggest lever in this event is the consistent virtualization of hardware, which reduces power consumption both in the data center and through the power-saving ThinClients at each workstation. Besides power consumption, travel is the second major lever for savings. Thanks to modern conference technology, we are holding more and more meetings as telephone or video conferences.
  2. substituting consumption: Since 2011, we have been using only electricity from renewable sources. When travelling, we try to switch from air travel to rail whenever possible. Since the trains of Deutsche Bahn are completely powered by electricity from renewable energies, these trips are climate-neutral.
  3. compensating: For many years, we have been offsetting some of the climate-damaging emissions from our air travel by our employees voluntarily contributing to CO2 certificates. The company has doubled the amount. From 2020, we will fully compensate all air travel. In this regard, we are working together with Atmosfair, a leading climate protection organization with a focus on business travel.
Corporate Social Responsibility: For 20 years, companies and employees have been supporting FortSchritt Verein zur Verbreitung der konduktiven Förderung e.V. association which supports children with cerebral damage. We were also able to make our contribution to “Leben bewegt e.V. association for the promotion of physical activity for children and young people and to the “Dreifußmodell” (three-foot model) of the St. Martin kindergarten.
Regional sports are also close to our hearts, which is why we have been sponsoring the Eiselfing volleyball club for years and have brought the Bavarian Beach Volleyball Championships directly to us in the Klosterbauhof in Ebersberg. We also supported the volleyball department of TSV Grafing and the Taekwondoverein Kirchseeon.
In the local art scene, we are involved through the foundation of local art prizes such as for the art association Die Sonntagsidee e.V. and the acquisition of art, such as a stone sculpture for the monastery courtyard in joint participation with residents and the city of Ebersberg.
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