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Objectway and DIE SOFTWARE for the future of banking

The announ­ce­ment that DIE SOFTWARE is now part of our Group grab­bed the head­lines. We’re con­scious of the rele­van­ce of such ope­ra­ti­on and of the oppor­tu­nities that this agree­ment brings. Being a lea­ding Core Ban­king solu­ti­on pro­vi­der in Ger­man-spea­king Euro­pe, DIE SOFTWARE Object­way Group has an unpar­al­leled posi­tio­ning in Europe’s lar­gest Finan­cial Ser­vices mar­ket, and gives our com­pa­ny the chan­ce to com­ple­ment and streng­t­hen our offe­ring to sup­port the digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on of pri­va­te banks, retail banks, wealth and asset managers.

Bringing the Banking industry to the next level

As finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons need to address the impe­ra­ti­ves under­pin­ning next-genera­ti­on Core Ban­king app­li­ca­ti­ons in terms of sca­le, func­tio­n­a­li­ty, inte­gra­ti­on and cloud, redu­cing red­un­dant plat­forms and con­so­li­da­ting app­li­ca­ti­ons, they also need to meet their cli­ents’ expec­ta­ti­ons to get all their finan­cial needs met in one place, while kee­ping seam­less jour­neys across all ban­king touchpoints.

Core Ban­king solu­ti­ons were his­to­ri­cal­ly built on relia­bi­li­ty rather than open archi­tec­tu­re. Digi­tal Ban­king, APIs and Cloud have recent­ly crea­ted a signi­fi­cant shift in the way ban­king pro­ducts are con­struc­ted. Finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons need to be able to pro­cess tran­sac­tions in real-time, release new fea­tures fre­quent­ly and sca­le their IT infra­st­ruc­tu­re. To accom­pa­ny the Ban­king indus­try to next level, it is necessa­ry to bring to the table lea­ding-edge capa­bi­li­ties in tho­se are­as, along with exper­ti­se in port­fo­lio manage­ment, advi­so­ry and digi­tal cli­ent enga­ge­ment. Name­ly, a com­bi­ned value pro­po­si­ti­on able to respond to evol­ving requi­re­ments, through a new-genera­ti­on, digi­tal, end-to-end Ban­king solution.

Much in common, more to come

Our mer­ger is based on the many things we have in com­mon. A com­mon heri­ta­ge which com­bi­nes over 30 years of high­ly spe­cia­li­sed exper­ti­se and pro­fes­sio­na­lism, the same focus on digi­tal inno­va­ti­on in Finan­cial Ser­vices, and the mis­si­on to beco­me the end-to-end solu­ti­on pro­vi­der for the Ban­king Indus­try in EMEA, dri­ving also our expan­si­on globally.

The uni­on of our two com­ple­men­ta­ry com­pa­nies allows for a poo­ling of know-how, tech­no­lo­gy and resour­ces: a trans­for­ma­ti­on which posi­ti­ons our pan-Euro­pean Group abo­ve indus­try aver­a­ges. With this acqui­si­ti­on, we com­ple­ment and streng­t­hen our offe­ring to Wealth and Asset Mana­gers, Pri­va­te and Retail Banks with a solid and com­pre­hen­si­ve Core Ban­king plat­form. This will con­sti­tu­te the new open, modu­lar, end-to-end Ban­king Suite, gea­red to sup­port the digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on of pri­va­te banks, retail banks, wealth and asset managers.

A new-genera­ti­on Ban­king Suite which has to blend ban­king capa­bi­li­ties with rele­vant pro­ducts and ser­vices bey­ond ban­king, such as intel­li­gent and per­so­na­li­sed expe­ri­en­ces through a con­sis­tent user jour­ney, to incre­a­se digi­tal pene­tra­ti­on and maxi­mi­se opti-chan­nel cli­ent enga­ge­ment, while impro­ving effi­ci­en­cy, auto­ma­ti­on and ban­kers’ capacity. 

This is only the start. The begin­ning of new exci­ting jour­ney to co-crea­te the Future of Banking.