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OBS-REW financial accounting

OBS-REW offers various online que­ries, e.g. for:
+ balan­ce que­ries
+ Sales que­ries accord­ing to various cri­te­ria such as pos­ting date, value date, sales type, amount, etc.
The gene­ral led­ger in OBS-REW is free­ly con­fi­gura­ble. OBS-REW sup­ports the par­al­lel crea­ti­on of dif­fe­rent balan­ce she­ets and the con­so­li­da­ti­on of cli­ents:
+ Cor­rec­tions old mon­th
+ Cor­rec­tions old finan­cial year
+ Other manu­al postings
+ Crea­ti­on of accoun­ting records for manu­al and auto­ma­tic boo­kings accord­ing to various criteria

The free­ly con­fi­gura­ble Boo­king Engi­ne from OBS ser­ves as an inter­face from OBS-REW to the other OBS modu­les or other sys­tems. Wit­hin OBS-REW, boo­kings can be assi­gned to indi­vi­du­al cost cen­ters and pro­jects, expen­ses and reve­nues can be split or reboo­ked manu­al­ly or auto­ma­ti­cal­ly using dis­tri­bu­ti­on keys.

OBS also sup­ports inter­faces to various repor­ting and con­trol­ling systems.

Booking Engine

The Boo­king Engi­ne allows not only a free assign­ment of the account plan but also a com­ple­te­ly varia­ble con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on of the pos­ting records.
This makes it pos­si­ble, for examp­le, to con­fi­gu­re the map­ping of an accoun­ting sys­tem accord­ing to tra­de date as well as value date.

The accru­al and valua­ti­on of expen­ses and inco­me are car­ri­ed out by the indi­vi­du­al modu­les with auto­ma­tic pos­ting of the results in OBS-REW by the Boo­king Engi­ne. In gene­ral, a mar­ket valua­ti­on is sup­por­ted for all pro­ducts from OBS, as well as the lowest value valua­ti­on if relevant.

Due to the abi­li­ty to com­mu­ni­ca­te with other soft­ware sys­tems, non-OBS data can also be inclu­ded and out­put in accoun­ting, e.g. various con­trol­ling sys­tems, asset and accounts receivable/payable accoun­ting, etc.

reporting and controlling system

For each boo­king, con­trol­ling-rele­vant infor­ma­ti­on is stored (e.g. cost cen­ter, pro­ject, cus­to­mer and port­fo­lio, link to pro­duct). Indi­vi­du­al boo­kings can be assi­gned manu­al­ly to other cost cen­ters or pro­jects or divi­ded into several keys. An auto­ma­tic redis­tri­bu­ti­on with the help of dis­tri­bu­ti­on keys (e.g. by head­count, squa­re meter etc.) is also inte­gra­ted. This data can then be made avail­ab­le to any eva­lua­ti­on tool, e.g. dai­ly, mon­th­ly etc.

OBS also offers inter­faces to SAP, ZEB, KSP.

Legal and group repor­ting is cove­r­ed by inter­faces from OBS-REW and the other OBS modu­les, e.g:

+ Ger­man repor­ting incl. AWV and KWG
    ++ Bais
    ++ Abacus/Abacus360

+ Fire for the Swiss regis­tra­ti­on sys­tem
+ rFrame for the Eng­lish Repor­ting Sys­tem
+ Smart­stream for the Aus­tri­an repor­ting sys­tem
+ FRS/DWII for the Bel­gi­an, Dut­ch and Luxem­bourg repor­ting system

With the OBS Data Mart, OBS-REW also pro­vi­des a repor­ting envi­ron­ment for con­nec­ting in-house sys­tems that can be used to map group reports and your own eva­lua­tions for map­ping various requi­re­ments (e.g. Basel II — Pil­lar II, risk manage­ment, etc.).