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news and trade fair dates

Meet DIE SOFTWARE at the following events:

+ Richmond Financial Industry Forum, 15. – 17.11.2021, Interlaken
+ International Financial Standards Conference, 12.11.2020, Frankfurt/M. cancelled due to COVID-19
+ 26. WM Kundenforum, 26.11.2020, Frankfurt/M. cancelled due to COVID-19
+ WM / ÖWS Forum Wien, 07.12.2020, Wien  cancelled due to COVID-19
+ Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Banken-Technologie, 02. – 03.12.2020, (virtual event)

For our customers: Further information and registration forms can be found in the customer forum. With early registration, we can pass on discounts for some events. Further information can be found in the respective forum entry.

12 | 2020


Key elements of ARUG II have been in force since September. The practical implementation of the shareholder directive at six private banks was successful. However, experience also shows that banks must now prepare for the big rush in the coming year. Read Dieter Heidrich’s article in IT Finanzmagazin to find out what challenges they still face.

05 | 2020

outsourcing of banking software: important for digitalisation in private banking

Digitization opens up an almost unmanageable wealth of fields of action for credit institutions. Digital solutions are now available, from new channels and services for customers to interdisciplinary processes and the optimization of middle office and back office processes. Martin Deckert and Jörg Martin explain where the priorities are set here as a private bank in the following article.

02 | 2020

Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG outsources the management of its core banking system

Merck Finck has outsourced the support of its core banking system. The bank is handing over the support of the OBS banking system to DIE SOFTWARE, one of the leading providers of core banking systems in German-speaking Europe. This covers in particular the incident management, the support of OBS releases, the test environments and the implementation of approved change requests.

11 | 2019

ODDO BHF fully integrates new credit system

The German-French financial group ODDO BHF has completed the integration of its new credit system in Germany. After only 11 months, the second phase of the project went live on 21 October 2019. The credit system OBS was provided by DIE SOFTWARE, one of the leading providers of total banking systems in Europe. At ODDO BHF, it replaces a total of ten legacy systems.

10 | 2019

core banking systems: innovation must start in the engine room

The IT landscape of banks often resembles a patchwork carpet in which new functions are woven into outdated structures. But what are the reasons for this development, and where are the levers for innovation and digitization?

09 | 2019

visual cobol user report in IT-Finanzmagazin

Sven Oldenburg and Patrick Weber explain in IT Finanzmagazin how the implementation of Visual Cobol has led to considerable increases in efficiency and shorter time-to-market. Visual COBOL connects seamlessly with Java by embedding interfaces for SOAP and REST communication with different source systems, thereby simplifying collaboration with external financial systems.

09 | 2019

Die Software at Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Banken-Technologie 2019

Meet us at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference on 04. and 05.12.2019 at the Hilton City Centre in Frankfurt am Main
Our customers and interested partners receive an exclusive price reduction of 200,- € on the current participation fee.

06 | 2019

DIE SOFTWARE and Micro Focus – a case study

OBS goes Java, using Visual Cobol made by Micro Focus. Find out why Patrick R. Weber and Sven Oldenburg of DIE SOFTWARE rely on this partner and how our customers benefit from modern applications and high connectivity:

03 | 2019

Micro Focus Universe 2019 Wien

OBS goes Java! At this year’s Micro Focus Developer Conference in Vienna Patrick R. Weber will talk about the communication between Cobol and Java using the example of WM-EDDY. The event will take place from the 26th to the 28th of March at the Austria Center in Vienna.

03 | 2019

DIE SOFTWARE at the Finanzplatztag

From the 6th to the 7th of March, the 12th Financial Center Day of the World Cup Group took place. Part of the many exciting specialist presentations was also a lecture by Dieter Heidrich, Division Manager Product at DIE SOFTWARE, on “Open Trade Architecture”. Our customers had the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets through the customer forum.

02 | 2019

ODDO BHF user report published in IT Finanzmagazin

As reported, the ODDO BHF Group has consolidated and modernized the Group-wide IT architecture using the OBS credit module, thereby fulfilling its primary objectives: increasing quality while reducing costs. In the IT financial magazine Success Story, read how the bank was brought to the highly successful go-live in just 15 months.

02 | 2019

DIE SOFTWARE: successfully working together on large regulatory projects

Frank Oestreich, MIFID Project Manager of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, and Klaus J. Friese, Managing Director of DIE SOFTWARE, announce the successful cooperation between the OBS user banks and DIE SOFTWARE in the MIFID issue of Issue 3/2019 of the magazine for the entire credit system. Project ahead.

01 | 2019

ODDO BHF has successfully integrated OBS credit system

Two trouble-free months in live operation and the highly reliable financial statements show how seamlessly the OBS credit module could be integrated into the existing system landscape. Consequently DIE SOFTWARE makes an important contribution to the goals of ODDO BHF.