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OBS-REW financial accounting

OBS-REW offers various online queries, e.g. for:
+ balance queries
+ Sales queries according to various criteria such as posting date, value date, sales type, amount, etc.
The general ledger in OBS-REW is freely configurable. OBS-REW supports the parallel creation of different balance sheets and the consolidation of clients:
+ Corrections old month
+ Corrections old financial year
+ Other manual postings
+ Creation of accounting records for manual and automatic bookings according to various criteria

The freely configurable Booking Engine from OBS serves as an interface from OBS-REW to the other OBS modules or other systems. Within OBS-REW, bookings can be assigned to individual cost centers and projects, expenses and revenues can be split or rebooked manually or automatically using distribution keys.

OBS also supports interfaces to various reporting and controlling systems.

Booking Engine

The Booking Engine allows not only a free assignment of the account plan but also a completely variable configuration of the posting records.
This makes it possible, for example, to configure the mapping of an accounting system according to trade date as well as value date.

The accrual and valuation of expenses and income are carried out by the individual modules with automatic posting of the results in OBS-REW by the Booking Engine. In general, a market valuation is supported for all products from OBS, as well as the lowest value valuation if relevant.

Due to the ability to communicate with other software systems, non-OBS data can also be included and output in accounting, e.g. various controlling systems, asset and accounts receivable/payable accounting, etc.

reporting and controlling system

For each booking, controlling-relevant information is stored (e.g. cost center, project, customer and portfolio, link to product). Individual bookings can be assigned manually to other cost centers or projects or divided into several keys. An automatic redistribution with the help of distribution keys (e.g. by headcount, square meter etc.) is also integrated. This data can then be made available to any evaluation tool, e.g. daily, monthly etc.

OBS also offers interfaces to SAP, ZEB, KSP.

Legal and group reporting is covered by interfaces from OBS-REW and the other OBS modules, e.g:

+ German reporting incl. AWV and KWG
    ++ Bais
    ++ Abacus/Abacus360

+ Fire for the Swiss registration system
+ rFrame for the English Reporting System
+ Smartstream for the Austrian reporting system
+ FRS/DWII for the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg reporting system

With the OBS Data Mart, OBS-REW also provides a reporting environment for connecting in-house systems that can be used to map group reports and your own evaluations for mapping various requirements (e.g. Basel II – Pillar II, risk management, etc.).