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Merck Finck has outsourced the support of its core banking system.

The bank is handing over the support of the OBS banking system to DIE SOFTWARE, one of the leading providers of core banking systems in German-speaking Europe. This covers in particular the incident management, the support of OBS releases, the test environments and the implementation of approved change requests.


Munich, February 4th, 2020 – Merck Finck has outsourced the management of its entire banking system. The institute hands over the management of the OBS system to DIE SOFTWARE, one of the leading providers of comprehensive banking systems in German-speaking Europe. This includes, among other things, the acceptance and processing of all error messages, questions about the OBS releases, test environments and the implementation of approved change requests. A central ticket system supports the documentation of all faults, which are prioritized according to urgency and severity, and ensures transparent and structured processes.

An eleven-strong project team prepared the transition within eight months. The project went live in September 2019. The experiences of the first few months of live operation clearly show that the procedure has proven its worth: the transition is smooth and the support sets new standards in terms of reaction and service quality. “Thanks to the outsourcing, we gain more creative freedom. Above all, it was important to us to spread the know-how of the banking software over several shoulders. This enables us to achieve our goal of continuing to offer a competent and highly available service that also meets the highest safety and process standards,” explains Dr. Martin Deckert, COO at Merck Finck, the background to the spin-off. “The outsourcing of the OBS support is another important building block in Merck Finck’s digitization strategy, which offers us substantially more flexibility and a faster response time to requirements from the customer and consultant perspective. This also contributes to our approach of a hybrid consulting model. What do we mean by this at Merck Finck? The person and the personal relationship are the focus of our advice, digital modules provide effective support in the background.”

“In order to implement such a project in a short time, you need a well-rehearsed and experienced team,” adds Jörg Martin, Managing Director at DIE SOFTWARE and project manager. “Especially when you consider that the project staff at Merck Finck had to ensure the operative business in addition to the project. Since OBS has been in use at Merck Finck for more than 15 years, we had to analyze the processes very precisely during the transition and bring them together with our standards. Something like this only works if both sides work together in a spirit of trust and can rely on each other.”

Dr. Martin Deckert, COO Merck Finck

„Die Auslagerung der OBS Betreuung ist ein weiterer wichtiger Baustein in der Digitalisierungsstrategie von Merck Finck, der uns substanziell mehr Flexibilität und eine schnellere Reaktionszeit auf Anforderungen aus Kunden- und Beratersicht bietet.“

Jörg Martin, Projektleiter Die Software

„Um ein solches Projekt in kurzer Zeit umzusetzen, braucht es ein eingespieltes und erfahrenes Team. Da OBS bereits mehr als 15 Jahre bei Merck Finck im Einsatz ist, mussten wir beim Übergang die Prozesse sehr genau analysieren und mit unseren Standards zusammenbringen. So etwas geht nur, wenn beide Seiten vertrauensvoll zusammenarbeiten und sich aufeinander verlassen können.“

Stammhaus von Merck Finck in München

Merck Finck ist Teil des Privatbankenverbunds Quintet Private Bank, einer der größten Private Banking-Gruppen Europas.


For 150 years now, Merck Finck has been supporting complex assets of private customers, medium-sized companies and institutions such as churches and foundations. For these customers, Merck Finck offers a wide range of superior private banking and wealth management services from 16 locations – from strategic wealth planning and wealth management to advice on wealth and company succession and advice on foundations.

Merck Finck is part of the private banking group Quintet Private Bank. With local banks at around 50 locations in eight European countries, Quintet Private Bank is one of the largest private banking groups in Europe.


DIE SOFTWARE Peter Fitzon GmbH, with the OBS Banking Engine, is one of the leading providers of complete banking systems in German-speaking Europe. Founded in 1983, the independent software company has around 130 employees at locations in Ebersberg near Munich and Zurich.

The OBS Banking Engine networks all processes both within the bank and with partners. The system is characterized by high  automation and individually configurable functionalities. It maps the entire business spectrum of a bank: securities business and portfolio management, account management and payment transactions, treasury and lending business. In addition, it calculates the taxes for Germany and other European countries in real time.

The OBS Banking Engine is the hub of a comprehensive range of solutions: As a license, it is seamlessly integrated into the bank’s system environment or operated as Software as a Service (SaaS) in a cloud. In addition, DIE SOFTWARE takes over standardized middle and back office processes with the bank process service (BPO).